House Of Moshe

Moshe is well known to his customers in Armadale, Melbourne through his charm, and his talent as wedding dress designer. Now he has opened a new store in Israel.

Moshe needed a website that would represent his bridal gown boutique online. To showcase some of his designs, we added a video, a slideshow, and an image gallery. We made all of this non-flash, so it could be seen on Apple iphones and ipads as well.

Thanks guys, looks great! You did a job that was second to none.
– Moshe Amir,  House of Moshe (not active anymore)


Bridalgo is an online bridal gown store. The client wanted the look of the website to combine the romance of a wedding with the functionality of an online store, as well as the ability to translate the site into various languages. We built him a sleek online shopping system with multilingual support. We also provided the client with a translation service.

kleinermann has designed and built a site that is just what i had in mind. I am very pleased with the finished product and am looking forward to working with you on my next project.
–  Moshe Amir, – not longer active


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