W3C Validation

kleinermann web design validates all it’s clients’ websites with the W3C Validator to make sure the websites run well on different browser types.

Please check your website here: https://validator.w3.org/

The most common error declared by the W3C Validator is know as a “Syntax Error”. HTML and XHTML are languages used within the coding of the website and W3C produce an approved list of commands (words that are used in the language). If a website developer has used a non-approved command (word) then a Syntax Error is produced. The website may still appear to work and display properly but it does not achieve the levels of accessibility required by the W3C.

Unlike errors, warnings are produced when the W3C validator is unable to make sense of the coding the developer has used in the website. It is sometimes the case that the commands used are so different from the list of approved HTML and XHTML commands that the W3C are unable to give the developer advice on how to correct the problem. Even more seriously, this could mean that the website has the potential to crash or not function properly.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding the results. We would love to give you some free advise.


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